Safety and Quality

Safety, and a high quality of delivery throughout the whole centre, are vital.


All safe on Jacob's LadderAll staff are Nationally Qualified to deliver the activities they instruct. A comprehensive induction, validation and monitoring procedure is in place for all staff. An internal review at the end of every course ensures good communication between all staff and a speedy resolution to any problems. We are audited every November by the Adventurous Activity Licensing Service (AALS). Click the link to see our latest license online. 

We have risk assessments for all activities, but also place great importance on dynamic risk assessments being done by our experienced instructors every minute of the day.

All equipment issued to clients conforms to CE standards and is regularly inspected and replaced/repaired if required. All instructors are First Aid qualified, and we provide 24hr sleep-in cover while groups are resident. Our minibuses are regularly checked and serviced, and have seat belts fitted throughout.


It's a cliché, but you are only as good as your last performance, so we endeavour to ensure a high quality of planning and delivery with everything we offer. In addition we are constantly looking forward to new educational and national initiatives and altering our programme and style of delivery to match.  See here for our most recent feedback.

Every course has a Duty Instructor assigned to it who is the named point of contact should any issues arise regarding quality of delivery. If we get things wrong, we like to be told during a course, not afterwards - that way we can fix it before you leave!

All clients are asked to complete a feedback sheet at the end of their course. This is passed around all teams within the centre and where we can make improvements based on this feedback.