Frequently Asked Questions

We realise that coming to Ardroy, or sending your child is a new experience, and that you will naturally have concerns and queries.

On this page we hope to answer some of the questions we frequently get asked. If you can't find the answer here, please email us using the contact details at the foot of this page. 

Is it Safe?

There is always an inherent amount of risk in what we do. We always make our activities as safe as humanly possible, all instructors only deliver activities they are qualified in, and we are annually inspected by AALA, the industry watchdog. We work well within nationally approved ratios of students to instructor, and the same instructor works with their group for the duration of the stay. You can check our AALA license here.

Will I be forced to do something against my will?

Nope! We believe in challenge by choice. We never force anyone to do anything - you can always say no. We can be very persuasive though!

What clothing will I need?

Bring lots of old, warm clothes and lots of socks. We supply full waterproofs, wellies (not boots), fleece, and rucksack as well as all other specialist gear. Please bring your own warm hat and gloves and a water bottle - a small reusable plastic bottle is ideal. Please mark your clothing so it can be identified and not end up in lost property! Download a clothing list here.

What happens if the weather is poor?

We do get 'fun' weather at Ardroy. We aim to do everything despite the weather. If it makes an activity too hazardous, we don't do it. We often alter the programme to suit the weather, it it's too windy to go afloat when planned, we'll try and alter the programme to wait for better weather.

Any tips?

Aim to try everything, even if you're not sure about it.  A few plastic bags are good for keeping your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes (if any!) on the way home. There are no banks in Lochgoilhead, or petrol, or diesel (and mobile phone reception is limited)! Come with an 'I can' attitude.

Will there be more than one group in the centre at the same time?

Yes, there may be. However we have three separate accommodation units, and each group uses one or more unit each. You would have a separate programme, and work with the same instructor throughout your stay. However, you will probably eat with the other group, or groups, as we have finite space in the dining room.

What's the weather like?

Mixed! - it does rain a lot in Lochgoilhead, but we get very pleasant spells as well. The weather is never the same for more than a few days, have a look at the latest from the Met Office here

It doesn't snow much at sea level in the winter, and we are very rarely cut off by the snow. Traffic Scotland have a webcam at the Rest and be Thankful (about 6 miles from Ardroy, and 246 metres above sea level). See what it is like right now by clicking as follows. 

(Please note cameras may not be working at all times)

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