Weekends at Ardroy

We are delighted to welcome weekend groups, and can often find a free weekend for you, even in months where many Monday to Friday dates are already booked.


Weekends are very flexible! We can accommodate different groups side-by-side with ease, and can offer a variety of weekend timetables, everything from a Friday afternoon arrival - Monday lunchtime departure, or just a Saturday/Sunday with one overnight.


Pebbles on the beachWe believe that we can provide for any flavour of weekend - no two weekends need be the same! If it is just bed and board plus a space to study, learn, rehearse or interact, please see our accommodation only page. If you want a full-on high-adrenaline activity weekend, that's fine too - either with an educational slant, or just a rewarding weekend of fun for your staff or colleagues - we can provide either. We also have experience of hybrid courses, partly activity-based, partly self-programmed classroom or outdoor sessions.


If you think that all our activities are "Just for Kids", don't you believe it! We can quickly beef up our standard offerings or offer something completely different - for example try Jacob's Ladder blindfold, and without a big rope to pull you up! (Don't worry, you'll still be on a safety rope!). Abseil not high enough? - we can find some very airy crags with big views. If exploration and wildlife are more your scene, how about a day sea-kayaking, a big mountain day, or cave exploration.


Can't fit a School trip to Ardroy during term-time? Need space to rehearse for your orchestra or band? (Away from the neighbours!). Need a First Aid, navigation or other skills course? A guided mountain walking trip? Whatever your needs, please ask us.

Previous Weekend Groups

  • Schools;
  • Boys' Brigade;
  • Overseas Groups;
  • University Field Trips;
  • Church Groups;
  • Birthday Parties;
  • Two-day Navigation Course;
  • Special Needs Organisations;

Other Groups

Depending on your needs, you will also find useful information on our Youth pages.