Jumping Down into The SploshVarious resources can be downloaded from here. Some material is password protected, and only available to our partner schools. If you do not already have a username and password from us, please get in touch. Just pick up the phone!

Generic Downloads

Information for any visitor to Ardroy - what to wear, booking forms, accommodation layout.

School Downloads

(Password protected)

This includes the School Resources section. Countdown Pack A contains all the information we give to schools before they book with us; Countdown Pack B is all the information you (the school) need to tell us - well before arrival. Please use up-to-date packs by downloading them afresh each time as information often changes.

Staff Downloads

Password protected - internal resources for staff use.

Naturally, some of these resources have taken time and effort to develop, and so we are a little cagey about sharing them with the whole world! However, if you are aware of information which we have which could be useful to you, and isn't listed in the generic list, please get in touch.