Ardroy's Food Waste Warriors

Project Overview

Living softly on the planet is at the core of everything we do in Ardroy. As a recognised eco-centre, environment, conservation and sustainability are all intrinsic to our business model. While our ongoing projects (previously part CCF funded) have made very successful inroads into reducing our impact on climate change through the use of biomass heating & hot water, textile recycling and innovative kit drying, we do not have suitable facilities in place to deliver adequate food waste recycling . In addition this needs to be integrated into the educational message - clearly linking food waste to reducing CO2and climate change.

Food waste audits have enabled us to identify potential CO2 savings. Our food service has already been adapted to assist with waste reduction - our staff discuss food waste reduction and recycling with visiting schools and actively encourage food waste reduction. However, 90% of Ardroy's food waste is sent to landfill producing significant CO2 emissions. Teachers tell us that food waste management ties into Leaning for Sustainability in schools, however as we cannot demonstrate full food waste recycling the positive impact of our message is restricted. We do not fully engage all of our clents (e.g. visiting youth groups) in environmental discussions and this project will provide impetus for expansion.
Staff will receive Zero Waste Scotland's food waste reduction training and a new food waste management process will be introduced that is easily run and engages our everyone.


The installation of a permanent visual display running across the dining room walls will take our diners on a pictorial journey of "The Humble Apple" , demonstrating the global raw materials and resources used to take the apple from the tree in South Africa to Ardroy's fruit basket. It will act as a catalyst for discussion, emphasising linkage between food production, resources, waste and climate change.


We will allocate "Waste Warrior" roles, setting CO2 reduction targets, building waste reduction and climate change presentations into our ducational programmes, instigating behavioural change. We will measure the impact of our activities within our community by adapting our visitor survey.


To support these activities the centre will purchase an environmentally friendly composter that can compost all food, is non-mechanical, therefore carbon free to operate, and it will enable participant involvement. The purchase of fit for purchase food waste collectors will ensure the recycling process is easy to understand and operate. Utilising this equipment means we can reduce our food waste carbon emissions by 100%. We can also utilise wood pellets procured for our new biomass boiler for composting.


We will allocate and fund a member of staff, our 'Chief Food Waste Warrior' to manage and measure the impact of the project and manage the activities beyond the project end date.



Reduce centre's carbon emissions by 12 tonnes of CO2 p/a through reducing food waste sent to landfill by 100%.

Reduce food waste, increase waste reduction education and understanding by engaging 100% of visitors and all staff in a new food waste / environment theme; setting CO2 reduction targets for food waste.


We have been successful in securing funding from the Climate Challenge Fund, the project started in April 2018. A food composter has been ordered and a 'Love Food Hate Waste' Worksop, run by Zero Waste Scotland, has been scheduled for May 2018

June Update

The food composter has now been installed and is working, new processes are now in place in the kitchen and dining room to capture and record food waste, and also ensure that any food waste does make its way to the composter. As part of our 'Community Tasks' during a residential, one group is assigned the job of putting the food into the composter after every meal, thus getting them actively involved in the process.Stanley and his group from Pittencrieff PS put the first compost into the composter!

We are engaging with the local Primary School and National Activity Centre Lochgoilhead to also compost their food waste as part of our wider community involvement with the project. The 'Journey of an Apple' storyboard is currently being worked on by our designer, and we hope to have it installed in the dining room by mid August.